About us

My name is Tony and I am the co-owner and founder of ScubaTony Cozumel. I used to be a police officer in Los Angeles, and one day I learned to scuba dive. It took me about a month to decide that there was more to life than being a cop in L.A. Within a short time I quit my 11 year career with the LA county sheriff's department and went on a walkabout. I landed on Cozumel with a bag of dive gear and little else. I knew little about Mexico nor did I have any friends here but it took me less than a week to fall in love with the island and its people. This island is magical and the diving is some of the best in the world. It is the ideal place to learn to dive and one of the best return dive destinations in the world.

I started ScubaTony about 15 years ago with the idea of offering a level of service that no other shop here offered. It was a one-man show but it quickly grew and I found myself torn between diving and administrating the day-to-day operations. It became too much for one man of the sea to keep up with so I found Adam and Andrea to team up with to make ScubaTony even better. With their help we offer more services and continue to improve the operations. I think you will find our level of service above and beyond any other in Cozumel. We don’t have a storefront that you can walk into. All our business is done through our online reservation system and then we bring our service to you. We are not the cheapest but I am sure you will appreciate the quality we offer. Read our reviews on TripAdvisor if you want some outside proof.